Evgenij Beloded

Software Engineer


About me

Software developer with special expertise in building powerful JavaScript applications.

Highly attentive to details and user experience. Adept at producing clean, efficient and maintainable code.

More than 10 years of successful experience working remotely with distributed teams.


Saint Petersburg State University (2005-2010)

Specialist Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Field of study - Game Theory.

Professional Skills

  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS3 (with LESS/SCSS) and practical experience using CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript language and experience in building complex web applications with TypeScript using latest ES6 features
  • Expertise in using React, Redux, RxJS, redux-observable, styled-components
  • Some experience with Vue and Angular
  • Experience working with HTML5 Web Workers and Service Workers
  • Good practical knowledge of Chrome DevTools
  • Experience in implementing complex data visualizations using D3 library
  • Expertise in building scalable backend with Express, Socket.IO and Redis
  • Practical experience with Grunt, Gulp, Wepback
  • Extensive experience with Node.js
  • Experience building and integrating REST and WebSocket APIs
  • Experience in creating microservices
  • Experience with Databases: SQL Server, MySQL/Aurora, Redis, DynamoDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore
  • Practical experience managing AWS (EC2, RDS, SES, Route 53, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFront), as well as MS Azure, Heroku, Google App Engine, and Firebase
  • Experience with C#, Objective C, Python, and Haskell
  • Practical knowledge of object-oriented design patterns
  • Experience with and enthusiasm for Test-Driven Development
  • Experience with functional programming
  • Experience with Travis CI
  • Proficiency with Git and SVN

Recent Employment History

  • Front End Developer at Aviasales (Jetradar) (May 2018 - Current)

Helped in transitioning coffescript codebase to TypeScript. Contributed to building new features, and improving app performance. Incorporated testing of React components with Jest into the team's workflow, integrated Storybook to ramp up the speed of development and improve developers experience.

  • Lead Front End Developer at Latitude Research (Mar 2014 - Feb 2017)

Successfully rebuilt the entire front end application of Lumiere - company’s flagship product. Created single-page application using Backbone and Marionette, redesigned HTML markup and styles (LESS) using scalable and modular approach. Streamlined testing by introducing integration testing and covered significant part of API with tests. Developed algorithms to downsize huge datasets and facilitate active filtering. Created numerous dynamic SVG data visualizations with D3 library. Contributed to back-end development and tutored team members.

  • Senior Software Developer at Comet Development (Sep 2008 - Dec 2013)

Worked on a number of projects of varying complexities. Most of the work had a client-side focus. Other tasks included, but were not limited to UI-design, database-design, back-end (ASP.NET MVC), developing iPhone Apps and Windows Services.

Honors and Awards

  • Finalist of Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013 with Typing Races project

Google Cloud Developer Challenge is a contest between applications that are based on Google’s Cloud Platform that are original and relevant to the region.

  • 2nd place in WebHiTech'11 contest for blog Vremenno.net

The contest aimed to support spread of modern web standards in the Russian segment of the Web

  • 3rd place in Enthusiast Internet Award 2008 for wifi4free.ru

Russia's first open competition among enthusiasts, designed to collect the strongest creators of the most brilliant and successful web-projects devoted to hobbies of young enthusiasts in different areas of life

  • 1st place in Enthusiast Internet Award 2008 for wifi4free.ru in “Digital Technologies” category